Health and Technology Twitter experience: by Abigail Jackson

Social media is a vastly growing format to communicate and share knowledge on the internet. With the click of a button, sharing information can greatly benefit the world. While there are many social media formats, Twitter is a simple way to impact people on a daily basis.  Twitter provides a platform for its users to share information, thoughts and ideas via quick statements and sharing links. Throughout the past five years, Twitter’s popularity as a social media format has sky rocketed. fr

For the past week I had the opportunity to be in charge of the Twitter account for Ozhealthtech. My responsibilities throughout the week included sharing information and spreading knowledge on healthcare.  Throughout the duration, I found that Twitter is much more than just a social media account.  Being involved with this specific twitter account ultimately allowed me to share my health beliefs and ideas. vccd

One of my favorite aspects about this assignment was finding tweets about healthy eating.  I personally believe that a healthy diet equals a healthy life.  I find that Americans have a difficult time eating healthy with their busy personal and professional lives.  I strived to retweet easy ways to eat health daily.  In particular, I included snack ideas that I would personally eat myself.  One of my favorite food items I tweeted about was fruits.  I enjoy eating fruit as a snack not only because it is healthy but it tastes good as well.

Along with a healthy diet, I also wanted to focus on exercise.  Both eating a healthy diet and exercising go hand in hand.  In order to live a balanced lifestyle, I believe it is necessary to exercise throughout the week. As I mentioned before, I wanted to aim my exercise tips towards people who struggle to find the time.  People don’t realize that substituting even the littlest choices for a healthier one can greatly benefit their health. One of my favorite tips was taking the stairs instead of the elevator. I see people more often using elevators and cars for transportation when they could easily walk. Walking is not only good for the body, but it is beneficial to the environment as well. For example, walk to go get lunch while at work instead of taking a bus or a car. IMG_9104

On a bigger scale, I believe Twitter has the ability to impact the world in relation to healthcare.  Unfortunately, not everyone has the ability to see a fitness specialist or a health expert to maintain or achieve a healthy body.  Twitter is an outlet for people anywhere around the world to received knowledge that can greatly benefit both themselves and their family.  I am comforted knowing that at anytime I can receive information through the internet and social media when I need a healthy tip or idea.  While there are some negative sides to the internet and various technologies, the positives easily outweigh the negatives. After handling a twitter health account, I realized that I personally have the ability to impact someones life and hopefully guide them towards a healthier lifestyle.

Throughout the duration of this project, I have added important and useful knowledge to the twitter page.  More importantly, I increased the amount of followers by 15 people, which in turn spreads health awareness.  My goal was to provide useful knowledge in a fun and upbeat manner.  Regardless of the viewers age or health preferences, I wanted the twitter page to be easily relatable. I added links and hashtags in my tweets to both gain more followers and spread healthy tips. My favorite part was including fun health links about taking dance classes as a source of exercise.  I particularly liked this link because I started taking dance classes at the age of four. I have took tap, jazz, ballet, belly-dancing and hiphop classes throughout my many years of dancing. I have found that dancing not only is a great way to exercise but to express myself. Ultimately, my main goal was to inspire and challenge people to change unhealthy habits.  Positively influencing one another is the key to not only promoting healthier lifestyles, but a happier world as well.



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