Project 3: Health Apps Battle- Astrid Guity

For the second project, the Yangcredibles were responsives of doing a health app battle. The two fitness trackers/app that we review were Fitbit and Moov Now. We made a video to discusses the pros, cons, effectiveness & efficiency of both fitness trackers.

Moov Now


  • It is cheaper compared with most fitness tracker($60)
  • It has a coaching features for running, cycling,cardio boxing, body weight and swimming
  • You can wear it in your wrist and ankle
  • Is waterproof
  • It provided you with feedback about your forms and performance
  • Battery lasts for 6 months


  • Your phone must be nearby for the coaching features to work
  • The app for the tracker can not link with your friend



  • It is not only a fitness tracker, but it can also show you when you receives text and calls
  • Sets goals and promotes challenge
  • It can link with your friends to share your progress
  • It has various version


  • Expensive ($100-$200)
  • It is not waterproof
  • The battery only lasts for a week
  • You can only wear it in your wrist

At the end, Moov Now won the battle because compares with Fitbit it has better and almost the same amount of features. Also, Moov Now has a good balance between price and features.


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