weeks 7 and 8 – Gabriella Vertuccio

Health and technology are supposed to go hand in hand in order to make our society be in the best shape they can be and learn as much as possible while improving their health. This unfortunately has not been the outcome of what health and technology is. People are continuously looking for a quick fix and believe that using these apps will fix their health problems. They are not meant to be a quick fix, they are meant to make the collection of data of a workout easier and faster to retrieve so you can be improve your health. Microsoft unveils sensor-laden smart scarf prototype is an article that describes a prototypse of a scarf that Microsoft made. They want to give users the ability to cool the wearer down which could be useful for calming users down since swear can be an indicator of stress. They also would like to add a music player so people could activate custom playlists based on their moods.

The weight Implant is a implant the FDA has approved a fitness implant that allows people to limit their eating. This is a huge step back in fitness app progress. People are now going to avoid the gym and look for the easy fix which is what the app is.


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