Week 7&8 reflections: Alexia Esposito

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MOOV NOW is the new and improved wearable health technology device. It is a device that is your personal fitness coach, that speaks to you while you work out. It tracks your form in 3D space then syncs wirelessly to your smartphone. Moov even keeps track while you are away from your device. No matter where you are Moov encourages you to make it to the top, “This is your toughest hill so far you can do it!”. The device minimizes the chances of injury,” Your impact is too high land softer”. She corrects your form, “Lengthen your stride”. It is waterproof, it is an extremely good wearable device for swimmers. Moov keeps track of the data while an individual can focus on their swim. Whatever your fitness goals are, it pushes you past your plateau. This could be a great motivational device for people who are just starting to workout and need to get in shape. For someone who does not want to be around others yet because they do not feel comfortable enough to. Also it is a great device for people who are already into fitness and need more individual inspiration. Moov teaches you new techniques to help you perform better. It is a great deal in my own opinion to only be $59.99, when it includes a ton of beneficial information. I think this invention could become very popular and useful to some.

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In the article “Under Armour Record health and fitness network unveiled” it talks about a new health and fitness network built on the MapMyFitness foundation- the UA Record. “Dedicated to healthier life and better understanding of one’s body, the service gathers and combines personal health data with activity tracking tools, connects it to digital community, and keeps everything in sync with user’s fitness goals”. The UA records provides everyone with the ability to proactively manage their health and fitness through an open platform thats personalized, easy to use and connected to their everyday lives. I think this is a great idea for individuals who have a difficult time understanding technology and how it works. The fitness network makes it easier for one to use, and it connects to their everyday lives making it easier for them to keep track of their health. One of the cool features that the article touches upon is personal challenges, it is made to keep users on track, allowing them to invite up to 19 friends within their network to compete in customized health and fines challenges centered on specific goals. “Additionally, there’s also the original content on nutrition, training methodologies, injury prevention and more, from leading health and fitness experts who happen to be Under Armour athletes”.

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I personally thought that the Youtube video Serious Games was interesting. Serious games are games deigned for a primary purpose other than pure entertainment. The games are not primarily used to be played for amusement, they are played to learn. They are used to train adults in a variety of subjects. The results of “serious games” have already been positive with it being relatively new. The games enhance knowledge acquisition and skills development by facing different situations such as challenges, situations and problems. Then it makes it possible to put learning into practice. Serious games can be applied to learning and also a way of communicating. The games have become an esstiental tool for corporate training.”Play, learn, grow”. I think these games can really enhance someones knowledge, it is teaching them the basics before they get into the more complex information that has to be learned. It is a good way for individuals to learn new topics and subjects. Technology is really taking a strong stance when it comes to education and health, also both combined.

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The Youtube video “Exergame station” in my opinion is good way to make exercising fun. Incoperating games into fitness makes it not boring and makes one actually want to get up and get moving,it is a different type of physical activity. It keeps the person focused and helps get them into the workout more. You can use your own songs to make it more convenient for you as well. It keeps you moving and you can incorporate your own moves into it, and make it your workout! No matter what fitness level you are at, you choose the workout you want to have. Wether it being a fast hard workout or going at your own comfortable pace. It is a great health game that keeps one in shape.


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