Week 7 & 8 Reflection

The Moov is an interesting new device that’s basically designed to be a runners best friend. the device can pick up how long your strides are and even can give you feedback on how you can improve. the device is reviewed pretty well and people seem to think that’s it’s a fairly useful and easy to use device. The device does cost $59.99 which isn’t the in the budget for all runners but nevertheless it’s very popular. Personal trainers are often a controversial subject when asking people who are already physically fit. I personally don’t find much use in a personal trainer simply because i believe that i posses most of the information that they do and i know my body better than they do so i know how to utilize my strengths. I Feel as if many people have this opinion. Personal trainers that come to your home generally have more expertise but the home visit comes at a price, a price most college students definitely can not afford.  Something interesting that i wasn’t expecting was how receptive seniors were of new age health tracking technology. 91% of the individuals tests said that the tracker was easy to use and they were generally happy with it. this information revels that their might be an unforeseen market for health devices in the elderly community.

There’s a new wave of information and education games called serious games that aren’t just all about entertainment. I think games are something that should have been used to educate years ago especially in small children. Games can be fun and educational at the same time something rare these days. Technology has begum to advance medicine even further when earlier this year a new weight loss device was released and approved by the FDA. The device works by sending electrical impulses through the stomach to make weight loss surgery easier.





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