Week 7 & 8 Reflection: Kalem Rutledge

With the new relationship between health and tech, modern day society has been gifted. America has become the world’s fat land specifically with all of the fast food restaurants and the past success of companies like Krispy Kreme, and McDonald’s. This is also known as the super-size era, in which people chose to super-size out of the fear of getting second servings of food. However, the innovation of technology in health should fix everything right? Unfortunately, people have not been using the gift of health technology the right way.

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Health technology is meant to reinforce behavior change. It is best if a person has already started a behavior change before using a Fitbit, Nike Fuel Band, or etc. These health trackers should not be used to spark a behavior change. According to the article “Study Confirms All Suspicions: Fitness Trackers Aren’t Magic Bullets“, these fitness trackers aren’t encouraging people to make healthy changes. That’s 100% right in terms of what they are used for. They are trackers! Not kits! These trackers are great for keeping track of heart rates, and the number of steps that were taken.

Instead of using fitness trackers to start healthy habits. One should establish a set goal and use the fitness trackers, in the beginning, one should be very active in their goal then utilize the fitness trackers.

Besides the fitness trackers, there is also another invention in the health-tech field that maybe one of the most amazing/ detrimental I have ever seen. In this article “Weight Implant” the FDA has approved of a fitness implant that helps people limit their eating. I strongly dislike this because people will now avoid exercising as much. If you can lose fat without working out people would do it. I feel like this should only be used in emergency times when people are really obese and forced to make lifestyle changes so that the device isn’t misused.



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