Project 3: Health App Battle Emily Emmons

During this health app battle hosted by the HSC 230 group, The Yangcredibles, two fitness apps/wearables; Fitbit and Moov Now will be compared with each other to compete for the winning title. Both products are wearables that sync with apps to log various aspects of health and wellness.




-connects to any smart phone

-can link with friends to compete with each other

-various versions to purchase

-sets personal goals

-tracks steps, distance, active minutes, calories burned, sleep, food


-more expensive ($100-$200)

-battery life lasts a week

-not waterproof

-only worn on ankle




-connects to any smartphone

-personal coach/trainer feature for encouragement


-less expensive ($60)

-sets personal goals

-can be worn on wrist or ankle

-battery lasts 6 months

-tracks walking, running, swimming, boxing, breathing, reps, distance, time, and calories



-doesn’t link with friends

The benefits of the Moov Now wearable and app weighed out its cons and won this round of the health app battles!


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