Reflection 7&8: Zeina Akl

  • Health care apps and new medical devices are an exciting development in the 21st century approach to better health care.  Costs are increasing and the number of individuals with chronic health conditions is 50% of adults.  The use of fitbits and medical apps to help improve health can be abused.  The example of PaymentsMD and the deceitful method it used to gain medical information from patients it was supposed to help is shameful.  The medical information was later used for commercial unapproved purposes.  Such apps and services should be regulated just like a pharmacy or a bank is with private information of its customers.  I was impressed by the Maestro medical device as it was a unique approach to obesity.  The device interrupted the signal to the brain from the stomach and allowed the people to lose weight.  Such a device is safer than gastric bypass and allows the individual to change behavior and improve their life. I especially appreciated that it could be turned off if the person was pregnant.  It is a hopeful option for many. story.html



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