Week 9/10 reflection – By Jamie Walzer

After reading “The rise of the seemingly serious but ‘just for entertainment purposes’ medical app” I had mixed feelings. I was absolutely shocked that there was an “iPhone app that purported to a sense user’s blood pressure using just the phone’s camera”. This seems very technologically advanced, yet also very scary that your information could get out into the world without you even knowing it. For the Walgreen’s RxmindMe App, I thought that it was both useful and pointless. Useful because it allowed you to order/transfer prescriptions, but pointless because something as simple as a timer on your smartphone could do the reminding. This app could also potentially be a serious liability. If someone got a hold of your phone/this app for some reason, they could know all your prescriptions, when you take them, and your medication history ever since you began using the app. I don’t know if this is very reassuring for me; personally I rather just remember to take my pills or set an alarm.



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Watching the Versus Virtual Fitness Trainer was a very cool video. I think it would be awesome to actually have something that high tech in gyms all over. I think it would be a great way to get that population of people who look at working out as more if a hassle and time consuming to come into the gym and introduce them to something that they may view as more fun and worth while. A few advantages I saw from the short clip was that there were weights included on the system. It is nice to have a variety of weights available and organized right in front of you. I also saw that it contained over 100 exercises, which is definitely preferable because doing the same 10-20 exercises every time you worked out would probably get very repetitive and boring. Lastly, it counts your reps and provides real time feedback. I think this would be the best feature of this system because it is almost like having a personal trainer there (from the feedback), but not having to pay for them. Also it is a possibility that some beginners may want feedback, but are embarrassed to be critiqued by a real-life person, or are nervous about where to even start. The Versus Virtual Fitness Trainer would give these beginners a place to start and hopefully initiate their health journey.


maxresdefault.jpg – image address


The ALS Ice bucket challenge video was definitely worth the five minutes to watch. I thought it was amazing that this simple video of pouring ice/water on peoples heads, and nominating people to do the video/donate raised $115 million dollars for the ALS foundation. This just goes to show one of the ways that social media can be used in an effective and positive way. I remember the summer this challenge was going around, everyone was doing it. I had friends, family, and teachers nominating me, and my soccer team at the time even had cross-town rival teams nominating each other. I also liked the hashtag that this video implemented #GivingTuesday . Things like these hashtags are ways how social media connects people in a positive way. It’s crazy how you can go on any social media site and click on the hashtag and see people from all over the world participating in the same things you are, whether it be “giving Tuesday, Throwback Thursday,” or watching a singer/artist tour the world. I think if people create ideas to raise awareness for diseases as the creator of the ice bucket challenge did, it will be much more successful in completing its goal and addressing the issue.


giving_tuesday_logostacked1.png – image address


Here is a video I found on youtube about giving Tuesday. This specific video had Tuesday, December 2nd in mind. And basically what the video promoted was to give something, anything. It was the day after “Cyber Monday” which of course, we all know Black Friday and Cyer Monday encourage buying buying buying, and thinking of basically ourselves and saving OUR money. But this day was all about giving back, to others, the community, etc. I think days like this should happen more often because in the midst of life we find ourselves being selfish, rather than thinking of others. Simple acts of kindness, like this day was promoting, can really go a long way.

Check it out:




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