Week 9 and 10 Reflection- Audrey Meany

A few of the articles from week 9 talk about app reviews and forms of data. The article The rise of the seemingly serious but “’just for entertainment purposes’” medical app” I found really intriguing. This article talked about how some medical apps have disclaimers that sort them only for recreational or entertainment use. This basically shows that the apps aren’t meant to give factual data and should not be relied upon for medical information. In my opinion, this is dangerous for consumers who are using the app for a medical purpose, because their being given misinformation. I believe that if an app has a medical purpose, then it should be reviewed for accuracy and should only be used if it’s safe for the consumer.

Another article I found intriguing was “Microsoft unveils sensor-laden smart scarf prototype.” This article was fairly brief but the idea of it was microsoft is making a scarf that can heat up and vibrate from a smartphone app. This is an interesting idea, they mentioned using it for people with disabilities such as autism. I see how this may be helpful in the idea that they can privately turn this on to try and help manage an episode they may be having. But other than that, I really don’t see how this scarf is very beneficial to anyone. I think it’s a good start to the idea, but I believe there should be further research and time spent on this project.

The last article was one I found the most interesting called “Data Overload, Does too much high-tech workout monitoring have a downside?” I really liked this article because it was the concept of what I agree with, which is less data. In health and exercise settings, I think there is only so much data that is necessary and beneficial. I absolutely believe that there is benefits to knowing your blood pressure, heart rate, and possibly glucose levels, etc. However, I think knowing these are more geared for people who already have disorders and illnesses that require them to be aware of that data. Especially while exercising, if your a relatively healthy and normal individual, I don’t think there is much need to know all of that information while working out. I think it can be distracting and take away focus from the main goals of a workout.  

During week 10 there were a lot of really interesting articles and videos. To start off, I really enjoyed watching [OFFICIAL] UBC LipDub – Raise Your Glass & Celebrity Status (ft. Marianas Trench and more!) in HD.” This was a youtube video done by UBC in an effort to raise money and awareness for Make A Wish Foundation. This was really great to see so many people from the college work together to create something bigger than themselves.


Another video I found interesting was from “Sensoria Artificial Intelligence Sportswear.” This is an app/wearable that helps people during their workouts by giving them information about their body while they train. It’s said to help improve their recovery and speed, etc. I think this is similar to some other wearable videos I’ve seen, and I don’t necessarily think that this is necessary for people to use while they exercise. However, if people are seeing benefits and improvements, then by all means keep doing what works for you. 

Moving into the articles, I found FTC goes after kids’ brain training game for unsubstantiated health claims”, very interesting. This was about how the FTC went after a company that makes brain training games for children. The issue was that the company claimed children using these games would have improvements in school, behavior, focus, memory, etc., but with no scientific results to back these claims. I think think this is interesting to see because there are many games out there for children, but I’m also skeptical about how accurate and true these claims are. I personally don’t believe that children should have access to electronics at young ages. Children should be outside and playing, learning from others, and learning from mistakes and in a natural environment. I think it’s important for people to see that not all of these games for kids are actually beneficial for their children.

The last article I found interesting was “Can a Smartphone Tell if You’re Depressed?” This was interesting to read that smartphones may actually be able to detect if someone is showing signs of depression. I’m not sure whether or not i’m in favor of this idea, I think that possibly in the case of some mental illnesses it could be beneficial for doctors/caretakers to know if that individual has left their house, or been social in any way. If the individual has given consent to use this app then I don’t see the problem in it, however I don’t know how reliable it would be to use an app to determine whether someone is showing signs of illness.

Overall I really enjoyed week 10 and the information that was given. I think the majority of it was interesting and easy information to learn from. I enjoy reading information thats more relevant to today’s technology and whats happening within our society.


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