Week 7+8 Reflections

After reading a number of articles discussing ways to improve health via technology and tracking I found many of these topics to be eye catching. The first article I read was an article about Competition for personal trainers. The article talked about how fitness will soon be on demand and personal trainers who meet face to face will be no more. Personally I do not think personal trainers on the face to face level of training will be completely eliminated but will cut down at a certain level. Having a personal trainer who is setting up sessions for you to train give a number of benefits rather than exercising from a screen. They can correct movements if you are not doing them correctly, progress you to a different exercise if they feel you are ready, and lastly going to an actual personal trainer makes you feel more liable than if it was a computer that you are paying for. One program that the article talks about is called Fitness on Demand. This is basically a way to group people together or individually if you would like to get a workout in. The price of this program is 150$ a month which is outrageous for programs that are displayed and laid out for you. This program might not appeal to the average person looking to shed a little body fat but could be helpful in the corporate wellness part of things. Businesses might invest in this because it can group clients together to improve overall wellness rather than them pay for an actual trainer to come and give clients the daily exercise they need.

article 1

The next article in regards to improving overall wellness via technology is actually bashing fitness trackers saying that Fitness trackers are a waste of money. I do not completely agree with this because fitness trackers are very helpful for aspects they provide. Things like heart rate, calories counted, steps counted, and fitness planning are all aspects that can be hard to measure but make it easy for the average person who is starting to watch their health. The fitness trackers that many people are purchasing are used to eliminate human error and make health tracking easier for the average person. In my eyes the fitness tracking industry will continue to improve due to the availability of certain health aspects they provide. People like things they can control and physically see. Fitness trackers allow people to have complete organization of health and customization to their liking. By itself the fitness industry is one the rise and will continue to rise.

Another article titled Fitness trackers aren’t magic bullets also talks about how fitness tracking isn’t what it is all cracked out to be. Like said in the previous response to the article about how they are not always accurate, fitness tracking has huge benefits. Mainly correcting human behavior and organization of certain things are the top aspects of these devices. Where companies really draw a customer in is how they engage you to believe you can not do it on your own (which you can). Once again companies use these engagement strategies to lure customers in to make it easier for you to track personal health.

article 2

The fourth article about Under armor health and fitness networking talks about how Under Armor athletes are using an app via iphone and android to network out to individuals. The app is called MapMyFitness and is basically allows the person to have a better understanding of their own body. It allows them to track personal goals that they can set when they enter in certain information like height and weight for example. Like any other app this one is easy to use and is fully customizable. It can be personable to work you toward a specific goal you have in mind. What is different about this app which more and more companies are moving toward in the future is connecting social media to fitness. MapMyFitness allows you to connect up to 19 friends for challenges and leader boards to motivate you to do more. It constantly updates to keep you on top and to view what other friends have done previously that day. What really caught my attention in this app is the use of nutrition and injury prevention methods by Under Armor athletes to be provided to the person using the app. Nutrition is a major part of overall health making you feel more awake and recovering correctly from workouts. Injury prevention is also a huge aspect because everyone thinks their body is bullet proof until a slight pain occurs and next thing you know you might need surgery.

article 3

The next article goes out on a different branch and talks about Apps for medicine. From this article which includes many pictures of possible games to help improve wellness and obesity says that much more money will be invested in the future with technology and health. For example the app via iphone and android Pokemon Go was one of a kind. This game first was set out on a gameboy which only allowed you to control the movements by hand. This app when it came out allowed you to walk around to find certain pokemon that you wouldn’t think to find in some places (genius). Nintendo did a great job connecting pokemon and the real world making people who downloaded the app travel around to gain a bigger pokedex of pokemon. This field of moveable games where the person has to interact to play the game will continue to rise and be effective. The only problem I can see with these types of apps is the people who may not want to change the way they play. So many past video game players are used to the sedentary lifestyle of playing games and might not feel the need to interact with the game. I also can see this idea go down the tubes unless app ideas are creative and interesting to the average person like Pokemon Go was.

article 5

The last article on the FDA approving a device for weight loss talks about fixing malabsorption after certain surgeries. Malabsorption is the lack of nutrients gained in the small intestine from foods. The device that is “supposed to” help with weight loss is a device that sends messages via the vagus nerve in the lower abdomen to suppress and activate hunger through transmissions in the brain. Usually anything that is tested and approved by the FDA has its benefits but can cause some problems if not tested correctly. This device is mainly aimed at obese and overweight individuals to help their metabolism go up to increase fat loss. Where this device might go wrong is how much it costs. The average individual wouldn’t just wake up one day to get a surgery that may cost a fortune to them for increased weight loss. Also individuals might not feel comfortable with a device even though its approved by the FDA in their body.


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