Week 7/8 Reflection – Laura Fin

This weeks articles covered a wide range of topics including fitness tracker apps and devices, and the argument of are personal trainers in competition with virtual workout programs. Starting with an article on research showing that 40% of wearable fitness trackers are wildly inaccurate. Overall the researched showed that the trackers were off between 15 and 40 percent, and the experiment tested the most popular fitness trackers right now. Each participant wore of the the different bands while performing three different activities. They found that the BodyMedia Core device was the most accurate, with the Fitbit Flex coming second place, and the device that was the least accurate was the Polar Loop.

Another fitness tracker app that was mentioned was the Under Armor Record app. This app sounds really intriguing it features a GPS components, and personal challenges to keep users on track. The personal challenges feature allows you to invite up to 19 friends to compete in customized health and fitness challenges based around specific goals. I think that this feature sounds like so much fun I myself am very competitive and I think this would be a fun way to stay active while having your friends push you in the challenges and keeping a friendly competitive atmosphere.

The other main topic that was covered in this weeks articles of is there competition for personal trainers with the uprising of new virtual workout programs sparks many thoughts for  me. I believe that there will always be a need for personal trainers, the new virtual training programs are great but they lack the personal connection of working with a motivating coach. Also many seek the help of a personal trainer when they are just starting their fitness journey they may be new to many of the exercises and want guidance and advice to see if they have correct form. The downfall of the virtual training devices is that they can’t tell you if you are doing something incorrectly or motivate you to the extra rep. Personally I would choose working with a personal trainer over a virtual trainer program any day!


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