Week 7&8 Reflection

Consisting in weeks 7 and 8 there is a common theme that focuses on the advancements of consumer exergames as well as an increase in the convenience technology. As we know the number one reason for lack of exercise or failure to stay with an exercise program is time.  The market must adapt to the consumer, their interests, and without saying the increase of technology with our place in time. 2017 seems like it requires everyone to be connected to technology in one way or another especially mobile devices. Everyone is beginning to believe in the concept that they “need” these sources and the “want” for them is at an all time high. When the television came out not everyone instantly got a television, now it seems once the new phone or device emerges there is already a line out the door before they arrive on the shelves. Then seem to sell extremely well with little to no struggle. This period in time is also prime time for marketing experts. The marketing system gets easier and easier for these giant organizations to create a sense of comfort, need, and want for their advanced products. This is where the cross roads merge for these fitness tech companies have time to shine. Fitness on Demand and Versus has created a platform for the need of time efficiency and practical fitness programs. Personal mobile stations that are noted as kiosks. With built in monitors with set programs available for ultimate convenience and excitement. This will combine all of the TV show style workout programs and combine them for availability any time anywhere. In home exercise is important to Americans and eliminate the need for memberships to a location where they must commute back and forth and reserving specific times increasing over all costs. The initial memberships and equipment will be less costly in the long run. Making the system personal is a major key as well. The public consumers enjoy personalized messages making it seem this program and or product is made for them specifically. These exercise programs such as Fitness On Demand and Versus are bringing it to their consumers for them to use on their own time made for them.



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