Technologies Impact on Mental and Physical Health: Abigail Jackson Week 9&10 Reflection

Advancements in technology have provided the health field with alternative ways to benefit American’s lives.  Many American’s struggle to stay healthy and fit in Americas fast paced society.  Time is money and not everyone has the ability to go to a gym daily or sustain a healthy diet. Whether one is busy with their kids, job and other various outside stimuli, technology breaks down the barriers to living a healthy

New ideas and technologies have evidently flooded the market.  Consumers have numerous options on what technology they want to use in their daily lives. For example, phones, tablets, computers and fitness trackers are all tools to gain knowledge.  Unforfdtunately, many Americans live a sedentary lifestyle and struggle to maintain both a healthy mind and body.  Innovators and companies have been striving to provide simple ways to encourage people to exercise. Health technology specifically targets peoples goals to live a balanced lifestyle.

One fitness technology that stands out from the rest is a virtual fitness trainer called Versus.  Versus is an interactive way to get a full body workout. Versus provides a customized workout routine targeted towards the user.  One interesting aspect of Versus is that it comes with Siri or Jillian Michaels, which are voice automated trainers.  The personal trainer guides the user through the workouts making the Versus easy to use. This interactive kiosk gives the user a fun and beneficial workout that is personally catered to that person.

Mental wellness is another important aspect to overall health.  Unfortunately, there has been some controversy regarding certain brain games.  A company called Focus Education has come into fire for a children’s brain game called Jungle Rangers.  The company made false claims concerning a children’s mental health.  The company ultimately claimed that by using this game, children in particular with ADHD will improve memory, attention and behavior.  These claims were deceptive and created to sell the product.  The FTC’s main goal is to ensure products don’t contain false claims.  Parents should be aware that brain games on the market can be deceptive.  This is a common example of how some health technologies can be misleading. dedgueue

Health technologies can be beneficial or deceptive. Before a purchase, it is important the user studies the product.  While most health technologies are helpful, some companies put forth false information in regards to health products.  Regardless of false claims, health technologies aim to improve human health.  The advancement in technology throughout recent years has vastly expanded methods to stay fit and healthy.  Health technology is a new and improved way to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle.




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