Social Media (Facebook): Kalem Rutledge

For week two of the Health and Tech rounds. I was responsible for the OZ Tech Health page. On this page, I was supposed to create some post that reflects on Health and Tech. As well as that I was supposed to showcase our work and display to the public what Oz Health Tech about. The first week I asked a bunch of friends to follow the Oz Health Tech page and to support

The first week I asked a bunch of friends to follow the Oz Health Tech page and to support what we are doing because the message is meant to get technology savvy people moving. The perfect way to approach technology users is through social media. The first week wasn’t a big hit because I was only able to post one time. The first post only attracted one new follower for the OZ Health Tech.

The second week is when I really began to reel people in. I ended up getting 6 additional followers to the OZ Health Tech page. That day I posted a very interesting post based on a tweet that killed someone. That’s when I received 3 more followers and the other three came later in the week when I posted the Health Starts Here Snapchat lip dub.

Eventually, people stopped liking my post because they just weren’t interested or they could have potentially scrolled past them. However, what I found interesting is that you can boost your post on facebook for small fees and that leads on to think how much my original post I marketed. One thing that can be done is to post a snap chat lip dub and boost the post. We are in the era of constantly changing trends and posting a lip dub and boosting it could potentially get millions of views for 5 dollars.

Below are some of the post that people checked out





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