Round 2: Social Media- Twitter 

Twitter is an ever growing social media that connects millions of users together. By tweeting your own tweets and retweeting others as well it is a great way to share information with the world. The best way to reach as many people as possible is to follow many accounts, increase your own followers, and tweet often!

After controlling the @ozhealthtech twitter for the last 2 weeks we have done just that. At the end of the 2 week period the account is up to 70 followers, an increase of 7 since the week before and is following 8 new accounts. In its life the twitter account has produced 236 tweets/retweets.
Throughout this process I have discovered that tweets with pictures and titles that draw attention are ones that get the most interest. Those are the tweets that are visited the most and most likely to be like or retweeted. The tweets that the account put out involve articles, pictures, quotes, infographics, and many more.
In my own personal view of twitter I think it is a fast and easy way to discover information fast. Articles and links can be clicked on directly in a tweet and you have direct access to knowledge. In the two weeks alone I have discovered a lot of new information about health tips and technology.


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