Rwanda Douglas, Reflection 7/8

This week reflection, I focused on creating an opinion for Exergame fitness. All in all, I believe Exergame is an innovative way of reaching new levels of fitness and interests. It can engage people of all gender, ethnicity, age, and levels of difficulties. To make it simple, I will go over the pros and cons of a few platforms Exergame are promoting.

First and foremost, Exergame featured the Versus Virtual Fitness Trainer. After watching a few videos and getting familiar with the mechanics. I can rate this as a 7/10

In terms of individualized exercise and efforts, this is a great form of gym equipment to have at home. There is a range of exercises and it monitors your movement and how many reps are completed. This is ideal for the busy single mom who rarely has time to make it to a gym or have an in-person personal trainer.

The downfall of this product is the price. For a device like this and the service it provides, it is on the high-end cost spectrum. Which means that the average person would not be able to easily purchase this item and it may be easier to go to their local gym. Another perceived downfall would be the lack of face to face motivation. Many people believe that it’s easier to work out alone when in actuality they do better with someone beside them with positive encouragement as well as someone there to correct them when doing wrong.


Exergame also promotes Fitness on Demand Kiosk. In my opinion, this is a beneficial form of fitness innovation. It allows users to choose from various Fitness videos from yoga to kickboxing and much more. I rate this as a 8/10 because the mechanics of this is so similar to a Netflix Kiosk. The only cons from this would be the limited locations. Most of the kiosks would be limited to open gym spaces. As with the Versus Virtual Fitness Trainer, this Kiosk lacks face to face training. However, it allows for group exercise programs.


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