Health App Battle – Round 2

Health App Battle

Apple Watch App vs. Fitbit App

Apple Watch App:

Upon reviewing the Apple Watch app we came to several conclusions.  First, a positive about this app was the sleek design.  Apple is always a very innovative company and this is portrayed in the function of this app.  There are also several benefits of owning the Apple watch itself, such as the multifunctionality of the device, it’s waterproof, it can be connected to other apps such as Maps, Apple Music, and even Messenger.  However, there are several negatives we outlined after reviewing this application.  First, you can only use it if you have the iWatch, which is a very expensive purchase that many people may not be able to or want to afford.  Also, the app is only compatible with iPhone users, so anyone that does not have that specific phone is unable to use it.  In addition, Apple products can be difficult to use for people who are not familiar with it or have maybe never used mobile apps before.  Also, the app does not have the capability of food tracking, which many people like to use when taking control of their health.  Lastly, the watch device battery dies after one day, which can become inconvenient for someone who uses it regularly.

We rated the Apple Watch App 3.5 stars out of 5.

Fitbit App:

The Fitbit app is definitely more accessible to the general population.  Fitbit has a range or products, varying in prices even below $100.  This is positive about this app because it makes it more efficient for people to use.  In addition, the app has the capability to food track so even if a person does not want to use their Fitbit, they can still use the food tracking feature of the app.  Another positive feature of this app is that if you are using it along with the device, it lasts much long than the iPhone in regards to battery life.  The Fitbit does not need to be charged every day.  Also, the app can be used on a variety of different phones, unlike the Apple Watch app which can only be used on iPhones.  Finally, the Fitbit app is overall easier to use (as you can probably see in the screenshots provided).  This makes it more user-friendly than the Apple Watch app.  The only negative aspects of the Fitbit app that we found was that some versions are not waterproof, and the technology is not as innovative or advance as Apple if that is something a user is concerned with.

We rated the Fitbit app 4 stars out of 5.

To see a video of our battle between these two apps, watch below:

Group Members:  Zeina Akl, Houleymatou Barry, Brennan Butler, Jason Hui, Alison Nunziato, and Rachel Stewart


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