Project #2 (Podcast): Arianna Delos

This project was my first podcast. I felt it was a great way to provide information and spread news in a different form. Podcasts are used every day on the radio and social media but we don’t always realize their there.  My group and I asked were discussing the following topics related to health and technology; wearable technology, health games, health apps, medical technology, and the internet.  we asked a various number of questions and discussed them as a group. The picture above is my group and I, starting from the left is Olivia, Emily, Adam, Astrid, Me, and Cire. The podcast was informative and entertaining. We asked the five following questions… Enjoy!


  1. Do you believe that wearable technology is truly beneficial as we become the “quantified self?
  2. What do you perceive as beneficial from using technology to promote physical technology? Do you believe it will increase in popularity?
  3. What is your opinion/personal experience about mobile health apps? Or diet apps in particular?
  4. Do you find it easier or better to schedule appointments online or in person? What are your thoughts on the increasing use of technology in the field of health?
  5. Do you think the internet is making us stupid?

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