Reflection 7 & 8: Jason Hui

During this weeks reflection, they talk about how Mr. Yang introduces these cool equipment/gadgets that can act as a virtual personal trainer or even direct you to your trainer through video chat! It talks about how this virtual program can create a group of classes that can be taken and produce more productivity in one’s body. Simply get people in a class with the same physical goal and have them do the activity stored into the TV and let the TV do the rest.

c6a6layuwaekoiwpERSOnal trainer

Another thing we talked about is the Moov, the new health technology bracelet. It cost sixty bucks compared to the Fitbit device which is around hundred and fifty bucks (Fitbit and the Moov sound like they do very similar things) It acts as a personal trainer that actually talks to you while you work out! Moov tracks all motions and lets you see your progress as you do them. Moov can also introduces you to new exercises to advance your workouts and improve your performance. The best part about it is that it’s waterproof, so you can pretty much take it anywhere!


What I found intriguing was the exergame station, where they used something similar to game, Dance Revolution, and turned it into a kickboxing game. With the video shown below, you see people kickboxing and moving their whole body and the whole point is to be active (as well as practice kickboxing but I’m pretty sure its just for fun.).Great workout and also produces a good time when you are with friends and/or family! In the game, you can add your own songs and kick-box to it.



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