Photo App & Video (Projects Round 2) – Jamie Walzer

VSCO is a great app for editing photos. All the basics are of course included, such as crop, brightness, saturation, any many filters. But within those filters it allows you to edit how strong you want to apply the filter. Some extra capabilities it has are vertical and horizontal perspective, grain, and shadowing/highlighting different colors. What I like most about this app is that every capability it is, it is not just an all or nothing- it has a scale of how much you want to use each editing tool. I can not think of too many cons about this app. But if I had to come up with one I guess I would say that they should have captions at the top of the tool you are about to click on. For example, sometimes I forget which button is for clarity (for example). This may help the app in overall efficiency. I would give this app a five star because other than the no captions I can not think of any complaints. It is very easy to use and makes your pictures turn out with much better quality and color in the end.


Here is an example of my before and after photos of an image I took in Cancun, Mexico.

After                                                        Before


Here are my other 12 photos for this project. All of these were taken in Cancun over spring break!


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