Photo App Fotor Review- Laura Finn

The photo app that I choose to review was Fotor, overall I found this to be a very enjoyable app to use. What first attracted me to the app was the colorful icon that it had and the positive reviews that were posted on the app store about it. As I continued to use the app and look at all of the different features it offered, I cam across many pros of using this photo editing app. First of all was the easy to follow tutorial that automatically came up when you used the app for the first time that told you what every icon meant and how to adjust all of the different settings for the photo. Another pro of the app  was the variety of adjustments available to make on your photos, I really  loved that there was a larger range of enchantments that you could make than in the photo app that comes with your phone. The only con that I found with the app was that you would have to pay to upgrade to be able to use more filters. But other than that I found nothing to be wrong with the app and it was very easy to upload your picture to any source of media after you were finished editing.

The picture on the left was the photo before I edited it, and the picture on the right is the final edited picture.

Overall I would rate this app 5/5 stars, because it was so easy to use and offered so many different features to edit your pictures. Also because there were very few cons to the app. I would recommend this photo editing app to anyone looking for an easy to use app and plan to use this app to edit all of my pictures!!


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