Week 7&8 reflection

In this article it talks about a new program under Armour has created to track your health and helping one under their body. The services provides activity tracking tools and helps combine one personal data. The goal of this service is to proactively manage your health and fitness. Some of the features that are provided are GPS tracking from mobile sensors or other devices service also includes snapshot of users steps, sleep, heart rate, BMI and weight. The app also lets you invite friends and do challenges and compete with each other which I think will be very motivating to continue using the app and staying fit because your friends are also in it.

The next article I read was very interesting. The article states how FDA approved a new implantable device that stimulates weight loss by changing key appetite signals the passes between the brain and the gut. The device is called Maestro system, and is the first weight loss device approved since 2007. They believe the tool will help doctors and surgeons that are treating patients with obesity. Its stated in the article that “In a 12-month clinical trial considered by the FDA, 38.3% of subjects who received the active Maestro device lost at least a quarter of their excess weight, and 52.5% of subjects lost at least 20% of their excess weight.” I think this is very effective and necessary in todays world due to the amount of obesity in our population. I think this device is a great idea and hope I helps with many people who are able to use it.


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