Project 2- Audrey Meany Photo Lab Review

The photo app I chose for this project was called Photo Lab. I thought overall this app was well made and easy to use. There were many different categories of editing that I could use on any picture. I really liked how many options I could choose from, for example some of the categories included face montages, double exposures, drawing vs. photography, and of course the basic editing category as well. I feel that there are many editing apps that only allow editing, they have no other tools to use on pictures, so I think that’s a really unique pro to this app. However, there are some cons with this app as well. Like many other apps, there is only so much you can use before you have to pay for upgrades, or to unlock other categories. Photo Lab only had a few options within a category, while the rest needed to be unlocked with money. The app was also kind of slow, and it took awhile to download a picture and save it to my camera roll. Overall though, I thought this was a well made app, and I enjoyed using it. I would rate Photo Lab a four out of five stars.

Edited Picture on Photo Lab-



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