Instagram: Alexia Esposito and Dominic Mosconi

The social media app that was seletcted was instagram  by Oztechhealth. 

Throughout the course of 2 weeks, our likes on the photos and videos posted on the account recieved  99 likes all together, as well as gained 4 followers. The pictures that were posted each included a motivational quote to inspire the followers. The majority of the posts were health related in some way shape or form. The idea we had in mind was to show others working toward a goal in some aspect of phsycial activty. This can be found in a basketball gymnasium, swimming pool, and even aerobics classes. To continue the growth of the account, more pictures related to health and fitness will be added. Talking to peers and communicating via social network is becoming more common by the day. Everyone is so easily conncected with technology and each other via social media. What we want to accomplsih is to change indivudal’s perspectives on their own health. Encouraging others to lead healthier lives and make better decisions can go a long way in the end. Seeing pictures of others and motivational quotes can potentially gain someones motivation to do the same. Showing others ideas and giving them tips can get a person started on their fitness journey. To continue this review, we created a YouTube video explaining our efforts with the app more in depth.



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