Reflections 5 and 6

We are often told how video games are one of the causes of child obesity in the United States.  It is not often mentioned however the benefits of the growing technology of video games.  In the article, 4 Reasons Video Games Are Good For Your Health, by Forbes it talks about the benefits to video games.  One of the benefits is cognitive function.  Live player games require the ability to pay attention to detail and notice a problem while quickly thinking of and carrying out a solution to that problem.  Other benefit is the social aspect of it video games are often a connection to people for teens who struggle making friends.  They can use games to  develop a common interest.   Video games are also evolving.  As technology advances, new games are created allowing more of a physical role in the game.  This will allow multiple opportunities for kids to get up and get moving,exercising without even realizing it and having fun.

Above is an example of how we can use games to get youth to get up and get moving.  Not all kids love to exercise , but all kids want to have fun.


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