Collin Sangster week 5&6 reflection

Dr Yang’s informative speech on you tube outlines what health related gaming is, the different categories of interactive gaming, why we need this technology, and how we can improve it. The importance of interactive gaming is increasing tremendously. The obesity epidemic is growing across the world and a large reason for this is the integration of technology into our everyday lives slowly over the past few decades. We are now starting to learn that we can use technology to get people active again. Health related tech is the future and everyone needs to embrace this integration. The study done on active fantasy sports shows that people actually enjoy active sports games more that sedentary ones which personally was a huge surprise. Growing up as a teenage and college age male madden and other sedentary sports games are huge part of everyday life. I never really envisioned interactive sports video games growing up for the most part but this study shows their overwhelming popularity. Personal consumers are not the only ones utilizing technology to access health related materials and much much more. The article on big data suggests that many different companies and corporations have huge amounts of information on just about any demographic you can imagine. This is a grave concern for many but if utilized properly we can uncover huge amounts of health related information that we can utilize to make the nation healthier. Technology can be utilized to change health behavior for the worse and for the better. the article titled “tweet to butt out” refers to a study done to figure out the best approach through twitter to get smokers away from their darkest habit. the study concluded that positive messages and sociemotional tweets worked the best in gaining traction to their anti smoking campaign. Scare tactics and cold hard facts are proven to not be as convincing to the existing smokers as a more friendly approach. lastly the article and video” health disruptive” touches on just how advanced our interactive technology is getting. Lost limbs will soon be a thing of the past, synthetic skins and bio mechanics are making growing new limbs and appendages a breeze. This integration of synthetic body parts and the emergence of interactive health sensors and trackers are going to make my generation have a much easier time preventing illness and staying healthy & fit despite all the unhealthy temptations all around us.



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