Week 5/6 Reflection: Rwanda Douglas

Day by day, the health care industry are making strides to improve the system for patients and professionals. Most of the time, people are concerned about innovations in regards to physical health and disease. However, after reading the few assigned articles, I am more aware of actions that are in the process and should be acknowledged.

First and foremost, after briefly learning about Personalized Medication, from the following link, White House Details ‘Precision Medicine’ Initiative, I am interested in the benefits and positive results it can bring to the medical field. Coming from someone who knows someone suffering from a disease without a cure. Knowledge of their DNA could possibly be the life-altering information they are lacking. Even for cancer patients, this is a powerful tool that can be used strongly in the medical field to:

A.) Individualize every patients treatment

B.) Avoid ineffective treatments

C.) Better understand their disease

D.) Give patients hope

Dr. Francis Collins from the NIH says, it can even help develop a “deeper understanding of cancers and their unique identities,”

Former President Barack Obama has made efforts to pass a bill for personalized medicine since 2007.


Aside from medical discoveries, the business aspect of healthcare is just as significant. In this video above, it gives a brief example of how paperwork can influence the efficiency of hospitals and clinic. It introduces the concept of Health Analytics, which is a better and faster way to data compile and provide cost reports for all areas involved in patient care and facility maintenance.



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