Week 5 and 6

Within week five we see a trend of focus on two main subjects, industrial sized health care and exergaming technologies. Regarding industrial health, the Obama administration was forward on progressive western health practices. In this case, DNA and genome identification and modification. This reminds me of previous comments that i have made a point during these topics. The idea that one day each individual will have a chip inserted superficially to their body that will provide endless information. A scan able to microchip with the ability to do all such things as any of today’s fitness trackers can provide. Such as heart rate, sleep, stress, steps taken etc. Giving the ability to market itself as a self help device that is the easiest most convenient and safe way possible to be proficient when it comes to personal health. Eliminating any and all cons to wearable gear and instruments, along no noticeable gear. Providing the pro health technology the device will contain tracking abilities, where there is a data base of each individual. Questions rise with the reliability and responsibility that the controllers or government will have and the privacy and publicity that comes with it. Also the article brought up possibilities of DNA tracking where scan able DNA can provide medical history for the patient and care provider leaving out human error. The exergaming technologies rely on these advances providing legitimacy towards it considering the investments government agencies are making such as notice from Forbes and other a like recognizable publishers. Legitimacy is only good for the market possibilities and the funding this area of health need.  Health monitoring would benefit extremely and we could only improve our health in such a massive way through so many populations. Synthetic biology can create endless possibilities towards our future in this very generation.


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