Week 5 and 6 Reflection – Alexa Terry

The first article I read was 4 Reasons Video Games Are Good For Your Health (According To American Psychological Association) by Forbes. This article was an interesting read because I learned the different skills a person may have from different types of video games. For example, first shooter video games can give people heightened spacial awareness and problem solving skills. I think that considering the studies that show mostly the negative effects of video games, it’s interesting to look at the positive outcomes that they have. In my opinion, video games like the first person shooter games definitely take skill to even just to learn. Also, the article talked about the reinforcement of positive attitudes with a reward system. Having coins or prizes help a child’s motivation to do better.

The second article I read was Wearables, the quantified self and synthetic biology: The Day Before Tomorrow kicks off with a look at health disruptors by The Drum News. Articles like this get me very excited about the future of health technology. I think that wearables are such a great way to keep people active and self aware. Knowing that we are on the verge of going much more in depth with wearables in order to increase accuracy and options is incredible. I only hope that we are on a safe path!

Lastly, I read the abstract for Health Behavior Theory in Diet Apps by Josh West. I think that doing a study based on behavioral affects of dieting apps is a very good idea. I think that since there are so many different app options out there that there should be some research involved showing how it really can affect someone’s diet, positive or negative behaviors, the physical affects, and the validity of the dieting apps. These aspects are important to learn about in order to educate yourself in the world of health and how to properly/healthily diet.


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