Week 5 & 6 – Cire

The first article I read was about the effect of active video games promoting physical outside activity. A study was done where participants wore a low cost triaxial accelerometer and participated in an online fantasy baseball or fantasy basketball. The results showed that the feasibility of integrating physical activity feature and privileges into online fantasy sports games was supported. The participants in the study found the active fantasy sport games really enjoyable more than the traditional online fantasy sports. In the study participants increase their average steps and it was found that social support within the game was a key motivating factor for increasing physical activity. They concluded that theres evidence to support potential active fantasy sport system is a sustainable intervention for promoting adult physical activity. I think this was a great study because individuals always feel online games keep people from engaging with the outside. People feel technology in general keeps people from the outside world and engaging with people. I feel this is a great way to have people more engaged with the outside physical activity because even though its an online game it still gives them that experience.

The other article I read was a study whose purpose was to examine the content of diet-related apps available in Apple’s App Store to determine the extent to which constructs of health behavior theory were present. The results showed that Diet-related apps can be used as a solution to the current public health crisis for example obesity and obesity related diseases. However, they showed that diet-related apps currently available are lacking in their inclusion of health behavior theory constructs. I read many other articles that have concerns about health and fitness apps , and if its as accurate as it seems. In all honesty in my opinion , health and fitness are very helpful and motivating whether its lacing the accurate calories your loosing or the accurate amount of food you need to take in. I think they give very helpful tips like foods to eat or work out plans which some people like myself need that extra push. I don’t think all the apps are 100 percent accurate but I feel like they do improve with healthy habits and are very motivating from my own personal experience.


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