Week 5 & 6 Reflection: Jason Hui

According to fifth week’s articles, it talks about how technology makes its way to the healthcare aspect of things. In the video “Healthcare Analytics for Everyone” it shows how analytics help a hospital organize all it’s data and manage the people within the hospital. With this, it helps the hospital become more organized and efficient while also resulting in saving more lives and more money.

In another video, Professor Yang explains how current technology implemented with video game concepts can affect health in a great way. It would promote people in being more active in their daily lives as they cannot play the game if they are sedentary. People all around the world have access to the internet one way or another. Professor Yang talks about how a company should move their focus on how technology can make people more physically active. With varies of games out there already made, we can use one of the games and reprogram it with specific concepts to implement a healthier lifestyle. I think this is an excellent way for people to be active while being in the comfort of your own space as well as reaching out to other people who usually aren’t physically active.

Its good to have this concentration on technology to focus more on getting people to become more active in a fun interactive way. Technology is only moving forward and I hope it grows to become a new things for the world.

In week 6’s articles, they mainly discuss healthy apps on the phone and how social media affects their users. The article “Health Behavior Theory in Diet Apps” by Josh West, discusses how thousands of health related apps are released to the public to play with. What shocked me was the stats that was given, ” The number of app installs is expected to reach 44 billion by 2016.”, that’s quite a lot if I had to say. These apps promote healthier diets while can lead to weight loss. West did this study in purpose to determine the extent of which apps has a health behavior theory present within it. Unfortunately the results of the study didn’t go so well as the average theory score was 6.19 out of a possible 100. But while it has a low score, dieting apps can be valuable part towards a solution to the public health  crisis dealing with obesity.


The last article, “Wearables, the quantified self and synthetic biology: The Day Before Tomorrow kicks off with a look at health disruptors”, talks about how wearable technology can help us in our daily lives in many ways than one. The relationship between health and technology is ever growing and won’t stop. Something as small as a watch can let you see health details about yourself and records everything you do in order to get you to maintain your health. For an example would be exercising with a fitbit, it records your heart rate as well as many more cool facts and stats that you can look at provided by the fitbit. I think it’s amazing how something like the fitbit can do so much for a person, it can be very beneficial for many. I might buy one myself!


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