Games for Health: A Growing Field by Patricia Loiacono

As said by Dr. David Cox, a professional in the medical industry, “There’s a whole field of work around the interaction between human beings and technology”. I believe this statement in very in sync with the current trend of exergaming, or games for health, because it links these two fields together in order to improve the overall health of individuals.


A lot of unfavorable and negative press try to prove that video games aren’t constructive for the young mind, when in reality they offer a lot of benefits that go unnoticed. Some of these benefits include cognitive skills such as faster and more accurate attention, motivation to develop a sense of identity, controlling emotions and learn how to build stimulations of complex systems, and how to be a social butterfly because of required interaction. All of these benefits plus physical interaction are what the main goals and features are to using exergames.

Most kids today are very sedentary and don’t have any motivation to go out and get physically active every day. Games for health are designed to help kids increase their physical activity while also providing them with problem-solving skills and cognitive skills. These exercised based gaming systems should provide not only kids but all age groups with the opportunity to be active, to have fun, to be engaged, and to constantly move.

The benefits of technology play so well into the field of health because according to Dr. Stephen Yang, “kids know technology and they know games”, and because they grew up in the realm of technology they are more accustomed to use it as a base for their health needs.

I believe that this field of health is prospering and growing at such a large rate because of the fact that kids today are probably more likely to pick up a gaming system and controller over a basketball or bike. I think that this area of health isn’t to keep kids sedentary but it’s more focused on keeping them active on a day to day basis while still incorporating a fun video game aspect to it.


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