Alexia Esposito.Week five and six reflection

Video games and wearable technology can be associated with health in many different aspects. After reading through the articles from week five and six I learned new interesting information that I was not informed of before. The first article that I read through was Active Fantasy Sports. Researchers chose fantasy basketball and fantasy baseball. The researchers then set out to see if the participants could remain active by meeting their daily steps which was 10,000 steps a day, while counting their fantasy lifestyle. ”The primary aim of this study was to explore the feasibility of a new asynchronous AVG—active fantasy sports—designed to promote physical activity”. The researches did discover that participants did remain active while participating in these two fantasy sports. The results of this study was that participants found that the active fantasy sports game were more enjoyable than traditional online fantasy sports. I think this is a good idea to get individuals engaged more with fantasy sports, it keeps one active while enjoying their time.

The second article that I read through was the White House’s Initiative on Precision Medicine. The main focus that this article talked about was being able to prevent specific diseases or conditions. The way they would prevent these diseases or conditions is through studying variations of DNA in patients. “Knowing what makes patients unique through the variations in their DNA would allow a doctor not only to be able to identify whether patients are likely to get a particular disease or condition – thereby helping them prevent it – but also to pinpoint which treatments will work”. This project will advance our knowledge of disease. The goals associated with this research is to discover more and better treatments for cancer by expanding clinical trials and establishing a network so scientists can share knowledge. I personally think that this is a great investment and not a waste of money. The amount of money that is given to support the research is highly needed and appreciated.


The third article that I read Health Behavior Theory In Diet Apps. “Apps are being used to promote healthier diets, but in a recent analysis of health and weight loss app descriptions, researchers concluded that the majority of such apps contain insufficient evidence-informed content”. Other research reported that majority of the apps lacked theoretical comments known to facilitate health behavior change. “The purpose of this study was to examine the content of diet-related apps available in Apple’s App Store to determine the extent to which constructs of health behavior theory were present”. In conclusion the study reprinted the first analysis of health behavior theory construct in diet-related apps. Researchers found that diet-related apps could be a valuable part of the solution to the current public health crisis related to obesity and obesity-related diseases. The apps that are being provided to the public are lacking in their inclusion of health behavior theory constructs. I think the findings this study was very beneficial, there are individuals who are relying on these apps to help them with their health. The apps are giving wrong information or not the right type of information these individuals need. It is useless and counterproductive to someone if they are not getting the results that they expect out of these apps.


Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 8.04.26 PM

The last article “Wearables, the quantified self and synthetic biology” was very interesting. The film exhibited everything from wearable technology and its growing relationship with health. “The rise of the ‘quantified self’, whereby technology becomes an extension of individuals and enables them to monitor and maintain health; to synthetic biology, the practice of engineering bacteria in a bid to allow humans to do things they are incapable of in their natural state”. The author explains to the audience that using wearable technology can make life simple for individuals who need it. The many different devices that are assessable to use can help monitor our health or to continuously track our daily numbers. This is beneficial to one who does not have much knowledge on doing this on their own. Wearable technology is much more than just fashion; it is a life saver to some.


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