Week 5 and 6 Reflection- Audrey Meany

Many of the articles from week 5 talked about the benefits that gaming has on health, and some of the new advancements in managing healthcare and medical files. The video “Healthcare Analytics for Everyone”, explains how analytics will help hospitals manage their information more efficiently and will help save time, money, and lives. I thought this was really important to watch because in hospitals especially it is so important to manage all the information, health records, and money in order to continually improve and better their services for patients.

The other articles and videos explained how videogames can affect health. In the video by Dr. Yang called “Gaming for Health”, he talks about how  large portions of people have access to technology in various ways. Therefore it’s important to look at how people can use technology to become more physically active. Dr. Yang also focuses on different populations and how we can use off the shelf games to suit specific conditions within people. I think this movement is really beneficial to people with certain diseases because it gives them a way to become more active and lead a healthier lifestyle.


Another article from week 5 that related to this topic was “4 Reasons Video Games Are Good For Your Health (According To American Psychological Association).” This article explains some benefits of using video games that affect your health. A couple of reasons that were mentioned included the social aspect of online gaming and also how games can help control emotions. I personally don’t agree with this article, I believe it’s better to socialize face to face and interact with people in person. Interacting in person helps work on social skills and shyness, while online socializing allows you to be more secretive and less engaged. I also think there are better ways to control emotions, such as physically going outside and exercising, or talking to friends and family.

Overall, since technology isn’t going away, I do see it as important to try and incorporate fitness into video games so people can try and maintain healthy lifestyles. This movement is important for the future and hopefully it will gain momentum and people will follow into healthier footsteps.

Moving into week 6, the articles mainly focused on health related apps/online accounts and how they’re affecting their users. The study “An Observational Study of Social and Emotional Support in Smoking Cessation Twitter Accounts: Content Analysis of Tweets”, explained how certain twitter accounts were being used for smoking cessation. I think this is really valuable specifically nowadays, because as they mentioned in the article smoking continues to be the number one cause of preventable premature death in the U.S. Therefore using twitter accounts in an effort to try and prevent these deaths is something I think more people should be doing.

Another article in week 6 was “Health Behavior Theory in Diet Apps.” This study was done to examine health fitness apps in Apple to see how educational and truly informative they actually were. I think it’s important to make sure apps have relevant and true information regarding health. However, I don’t necessarily think that they need to follow health models and theories. As long as the app can help the individual achieve their own health goals, it’s beneficial in my opinion.

The last article/video was Wearables, the quantified self and synthetic biology: The Day Before Tomorrow kicks off with a look at health disruptors.” This article talked about wearables and their growing relationship with health. I believe that this type of technology is beneficial in the aspects that it can monitor and help maintain health. This could be important for individuals with health complications so that it’s useful for them to see how they’re being affected during exercise. However, I think our interactions with technology should only go so far. I personally am apprehensive about changing the way our bodies naturally are in order to engineer bacteria for further creations with technology. Overall however I think there are many benefits of using technology to help maintain and promote health.



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