Reasons Video Games Are Good For Your Health

Our society has made extreme changes in our view and use of technology. Technology has taken over our everyday lives. We talk, text, tweet, post, and search on our devices constantly. New advancements in technology has allowed everyday work and tasks to be completed in half the time. However, technology has also greatly influenced the everyday lives of children. The argument has risen that video games, computer games, and easy internet access for children is what is causing the childhood obesity epidemic in the United States. Jordan Shapiro, the author of “Reasons Video Games Are Good For Your Health” tells a different story.

The effects of video games on children have been researched over several years. These research articles have studied how violent video games do have a negative effect on children. However, new research has identified several positive effects video games have on children today. Such areas include: cognitive, motivational, emotional, and social benefits for the gamers.

The cognitive benefits have been shown to enhance a more accurate attention span, higher visual processing abilities, and greater mental rotating abilities. There is also research that indicates that gamers have a much greater ability to problem solve and a greater sense of creativity. Certain motivational benefits include developing a sense of immediate feedback for the player. Kids are motivated to collect points, coins, or upgrade in levels. Some emotional benefits of gaming is the ability to teach children how to win and lose. The accomplishment of winning and the acceptance of losing is a huge part of playing video games. Lastly, social benefits that are seen from gaming are seen through multiplayer games. Kids today are much more likely to play games with friends rather than alone. New video games offer the ability to make friends through the games.

In my opinion, I do not see all the listed benefits of children playing video games. I understand that certain games may have some positive effects for kids socially, emotionally, cognitively, and motivationally. However, I believe that kids will benefit more playing outside with other kids and staying active with exercise. As a kid, I grew up outside playing with my neighbors. Learning through play and playing with other kids will offer more benefits than sitting inside on video games.



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