Project Round 1 – Photo Editor: Olivia Gasbarra

A photo really does say a thousand words, and in this case it says a lot about health promotion and wellness! It is so simple to take an ordinary picture that you took on your smartphone, and turn it into a photo that looks much better to the eye. Below are some photos that I took on and off campus with my photo app called Photo Editor , that I thought conveyed/promoted health promotion and wellness.

The first set of photos is taken right on campus behind Park Hall.

 IMG_4377 (1).jpg              IMG_4379.jpg

The second set of photos were taken at a park in Syracuse right near the SU Campus!

IMG_4387.jpg       IMG_4390 (1).jpg


  • Several different effects to add on
  • Free
  •  When you set up the app it shows you how to use it & is easy to use
  • Can also create collages


  • Too many adds that pop up
  • Can be slow at times

If someone was looking for a photo editing app, i would definitely recommend to use this one. It has many great features and can improve the way a photo looks within just a couple of minutes. Overall I would rate the Photo Editor app a 4 out of 5!


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