Project Round 1 Flipboard.

On my Flipboard,the first time i started using the INTERACTIVE HEALTH TECHNOLOGY Flipboard, i had 4,126 viewers, 34,114 page Flips, 289 Followers,and 5,194 stories. However,as the day goes by, i added new stories on our Flipboard to create more stories, and get more followers, but it seem to help because the second view that i did on our Flipboard,i had 4,160 viewers which increases the number of people who view the stories that i posted,alsoi had 34,776 page Flips which also increase, and i had 289 Followers which didn’t increase,and 5,208 Stories which also increases.Further more, my last statement is that my viewers still stay the same at 4,160, my page Flips increase to 34,802, my Followers still the same at 289, and my stories increase to 5,213. This is what i had so far in my Flipboard, and i think i have to do something that will make me have more followers, that is to let my team members to fellow the class Flipboard and it as well. I will encourage the next group who will be doing social media to make a big change on what i did in terms of getting their team members to fellow them. This is my report to the Flipboard on INTERACTIVE HEALTH TECHNOLOGY.


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