Project 1: Social Media

Oswego Health Promotion and Wellness Pinterest Page

So many of us have a Pinterest account for personal use to organize images, videos, articles, or other objects that we find on the internet and want to remain connected to.  While Facebook is decreasing in active users by nearly 8% and Twitter (+7%) and YouTube (+13%) are only slowly increasing, Pinterest has grown in the quickest, most impressive rate so far at a whole +97% increase in active users.


However, there is a whole other use for Pinterest that businesses are just beginning to utilize.  Using Pinterest for your business can increase awareness, grow blog and website traffic, increase sales, and give new leads.

After creating and taking over the Pinterest page for the Oswego Health Promotion and Wellness page, I’ve pinned close to 100 news pins and created 8 new boards ranging from how to stay healthy in a dorm room to tips on meal prepping and studying.  College students use social media so much it’s really important to keep up with the Pinterest page.  When I started there was no functioning Pinterest page representing the department.  Although I was not able to gain followers, I think throughout the weeks and as a class, we definitely will be able to do that.  Pinterest is trickier to use versus social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram because it can be a bit confusing.  However, after learning the basics of Pinterest, we can use it to promote a healthy lifestyle with recipes, exercise routines, study tips, inspiration, and so much more.

If the pins posted are relatable to college students, I think we will see an increase in followers.  It takes time to develop a following in social media, especially with Pinterest because it is still unknown to so many.  In order to relate to the target population, I’ve posted articles about how to save money in college, where to get college discounts, and even good books for students to read.  If I were to continue running the Pinterest page I would utilize a lot of the tips from this article.


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