Project #1: Photo; Arianna Delos

The app that I started using for this project was MOLDIV. This app was free for both apple and android devices; I even encouraged a friend to download it!  It has many different filters and editing features. I felt the process of taking the photos and then editing them to make them that much more bold gave me a sense of relaxation. Especially taking pictures of things that are a wellness aspect of my life. The app has several options; filters, textures, beautify, text, stickers, blur, crop, rotate, clarify, exposure, color, vibrancy, white balance, and fade. For my 12 photos I used many different filters, played around with the color, brightness, and exposure. I thought it was also cool to blur out the background and make the main object of the image pop more with color. The free version comes with all of the features, although the filters are limited. But, there are still so many options to play around with your photos to make something more creative. Overall, I rate MOLDIV a five out of five, and I suggest you download it!


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