Project 1: Facebook – Jason Hui

The first week I first started posting on the Facebook, I gained 4 followers and 3 likes. I did basic posts to help get me started because I didn’t have a clue on what to write. After reading some of the blogs that were provided by students on WordPress, I knew what I needed to write to grab peoples attention and what they are into with the resources I have.

During the second week, I started posting more interesting blogs about health and technology and shared it onto my personal page. I instantly got more views which as the first week I only had 30 views. On Feb. 22, I got 10 followers, 10 likes and 85 views. I gained more views which each passing day until Feb. 27 (169 views). It steadily decreases each day and I think it’s probably because I constantly put up posts daily and I share it on to my personal media. People will see my posts and get bored of it because they’ve already since so much of many posts that they have stopped viewing them.

I’ve used blogs that were submitted by students and work that were provided by Mr. Yang and shared it on the Facebook page (Health Oz Tech) while trying to lead them to my other social medias like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Flipboard. Unfortunately I’ve received no¬†comments or messages for me to reply to.

At the end, I probably shouldn’t have shared all my posts on the Facebook page to my personal page to avoid the annoyance of my friends. I got still have 48 views, 10 followers and 10 likes. But I did gained more followers, views and likes then it previously had and I got to experience being an editor for the Oz Health Tech Facebook page!



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