Week 3 & 4 Reflection

According to the article, Sharma describe about his young age when he use to have basketball cards that he always hold on and do nothing with them. Now that technology has advance, sharma will rather collect data instead of basketball card. Sharma find it useful to create something and use it for his ativivties. However, Sharma continue collecting data till he find out and app which actually help him to monitor her active sleeping,productive,driving location, reading, writing,coding, and blogging in a single unified interface.This app is really useful to him that he even named it Aprizero because he was born on March 31 which is one day before April 1st. Aprilzero is a useful app that is divided in three parts part sport which is keeping track of her fitness,health. Explorer, which covered her traveling around the world, and journal which is his blog. I agree with Sharma app that keep tracks of all he does, because it really helps him to remember all his plans.Also,Aprilzero fuses the data together to form a unified picture this can be useful to many people who always forget what they have to do in terms of their traveling dates or times, keep track health, and wellbeing.


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