weeks 3&4-Collin Sangster

Health data is now more readily available than ever. Companies are stockpiling all kinds of data from electronic devices, recently of the medical variety. Devices like the fit bit are revolutionizing health and fitness data pools. Other intricate devices such as the smart desk are forcing users to be as active as possible even in inactive situations. The smart desk is a really interesting innovation that can sense when you’ve been sitting for too long. The desk has powerful sensors and mechanisms that keep you from simply sitting on your butt all day and that’s great.

One hurdle to overcome if you’re an average energy individual wanting to workout is mustering up the willpower and the cash to get yourself a gym membership and actually go. The health and fitness industry realizes this and is currently undertaking massive projects in fitness tracking devises and exercise related video games. I think the classic gym style of working out will never go away but with fitness related games you can attract that hard to reach couch potato market easier. I personally believe that first person VR war games are the future of physical exercise in the gaming industry. Being able to run around in an actual war zone without the risk of injury is to incising of an offer for most to pass up. The sad reality is that Although VR just came to market there aren’t any real physically intense games out at this point. In the future i believe you’ll see gyms with VR tech in the cardio sections replacing the usual t.v monitor in the distance.


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