Week 3&4 Reflection: Olivia Gasbarra

After reading and watching the videos from weeks 3 and 4, I noticed that their main focus was to provide us with information about how new technology is coming in to the health world. For weeks 3 and 4 I have chosen to write about the videos that I watched. Who would have ever thought that technology would not only change society, but someday be able to save lives on day at a time.

This first video I watched was a Ted Talk from week 3 called “The quantified Self” and it explained to us how technology is changing our everyday life. Gary Wolf explains to us how mobile apps and wearable technology can “track and analyze your body, mood, diet and just about everything in daily life”. I completely agree with Mr. Wolf, wearable technology can consist of an apple watch, a FitBit, exercise apps, and so many more. These watches and apps can track how we sleep, how far we’ve ran, our heart rate, what we’ve eaten and pretty much anything you can think of! Gary seemed to be very confident that this technology will take us very far in to the future, and I’m excited to see what these devices will do for our population now and what will come about!Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 6.43.12 PM.png

The second video that I watched was from week 4, called Microsoft health tech today. I really enjoyed watching this short clip, and I learned so much about the kinect health game. You are given a virtual coach than can walk you through each step of how to play the game or do the exercise, and it’s as if you are playing the game yourself whether it be tennis, kickball, boxing, and so much more. You would never think that you could get your exercise from playing a simple video game inside, but it’s helped many. This will have a huge impact in the future, by letting the “consumer” have more control over how they are training to get themselves in to better shape. In my opinion the Kinect game will have a huge impact on the young children now, because they don’t see it as exercise, they see it as playing a game! Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 10.20.39 AM.png

The videos from week 3 and 4 are ones I’ve enjoyed watching the most. Both videos show us how technology is becoming a huge part in our world and becoming a huge health source. I agree with both of the  videos that I’ve watched, wearable technology and “video games” are truly impacting our health in amazing ways. I’m excited to see what else is created for future health use, and how it will impact our world!


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