Week 3 & 4 – Rachel Stewart

As a current care provider in the health and wellness field, as a Licensed Massage Therapist for about a year now, and as a future health professional in whatever endeavor I choose after graduation, I find the information discussed these past couple weeks fascinating.  I deal with clients on a daily basis and any tool that can help me do my job better while also helping to improve the health status and overall well-being of my clients is something I would undoubtedly include in my practice.

This infographic clearly outlines how much technology is used in the healthcare field.  Even at my job, all patient files are confidentially kept on computer Sports Physiotherapist Treating Male Clientsoftware for convenience and ease of access by practitioners.  With 80% of physicians using mobile devices to assist in their daily practices, I immediately consider the variety of ways I could utilize this feature as a Massage  Therapist.  Showing clients the exact muscle tissue being worked on can help them understand the human body and in turn give them the information necessary to help their bodies.  In addition, any advice I may give them can clearly be shown with animations of stretches, muscle techniques, or even descriptions on how to exercise properly to avoid injury.  There are so many ways I can already incorporate technology into my daily job as a healthcare professional.
One of the largest recommendations I make to clients is to pay attention to the ergonomics of desk_w_worker-1000x714their work environment.  So many people sit for 8 hours a day, drink hardly any water, and eat vending machine food.  Our bodies are not meant to do this and any positive steps to prevent this is a step in the right direction.  One of the things I see a lot of innovative companies introducing to their employees is smart desk workstations  Height-adjustable desks are putting out bodies back into positions that can be better sustained for longer amounts of time.
Another way technology can help the workplace is health-tracking apps.  These apps put possibility into the palms of our hand – giving us all the tools we need to lead healthier lives.  We not only can track our dietary intake, exercise regimen, and heart rate, but some apps are even taking it further and testing our blood for specific biomarkers that can tell us a lot about our health.  This is such an incredible opportunity for people.  It is so convenient for us to take control of our health; more than ever before.  As a current and future health care professional I find this exciting, motivating, and inspiring.

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