Week 3 + 4- Cire Kaba

The article I read was mainly about a health tracker app. The app test your blood for five specific biomarkers thats shown the be correlated with longevity. Based on the biological report card, it tells you your “true” age and also with tips to gain your years back. I honestly agree with this help in a way I feel like its a wakeup call. If I take a blood test and my reports are showing me for example high glucose level and based on the data my age would be double , that would make me more aware and take cation into things I take into my body. I feel like we’re all told we need to be fit and start eating healthy , but we actually don’t know how bad are our habits doing to our bodies. We assume a lot if we don’t look unhealthy its ok and thats not the case here.Fir this app to actually take a blood test and your results how you an age it would make people more serious into their healthy lifestyle. Also by them showing tips that can optimize these biomarkers, for example eating squash , avocado, beans etc,

it will make it easier because you know what you need to intake to get a better healthy lifestyle. When you go to the hospital the doctor usually test your blood for diseases , but this app is a personal health indicator with can help you improve stuff such as sleep and diet. In the article it states that the company wants to arm you with data to help you to take your health into your own hands. I feel like this is honestly a great app because its showing you results from your actual blood test and giving you tips and advice, its up to you if you want to take that chance.

Another article I read about is a tracker that track more than just exercise and eating habits.  An app called Aprilzero track almost everything from exercise to expensive travel and other things in between. Unlike other apps that just show data based on what the actual app is , Aprilzero fuses the data together to form a unified picture. You get to see your life as a whole , something like a story which I think is really cool. Instead of having a app for everything you have one app does have different sections that provides an increasingly detailed look into you day to day activity. On the sport section you get to see step counts, map of running routes , and scaled difficulties of climbs. Heart rate , weight and body fat is included.46907730-cachedOther sections show areas that you have been and travelled , and you can keep track of data collected by month. I think this app is really helpful because it very broad so you can see progress from month to moth but also can get into detail of day to day activites as well .


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