To keep up with the revolution of technology we have to think out of the box.  For us to be able to use technology for our benefit in everyone’s health we need to keep coming up with revolutionary ideas.  I use the word revolution because a revolution signifies change. Change is what we need, with increasing obesity and other health problems we need change to save millions of lives.  screen-shot-2015-01-22-at-3-17-14-pm-640x348

One out of the box idea that would change a lot of peoples lives is the smart desk.  If you think about it the majority of our lives we are spent sitting down, whether it is at school or at a desk at work.  Not only are e spending a lot of time in bad posture , we are condoning a sedentary lifestyle.  The smart desk can change that.  Just simply by standing gets our body to work to our benefit. Circulation, posture and just being able to move around.

Another important step in helping technology change our health is using social media.  Social media is one of the most growing changes that has happened in the technology revolution. By now most of our “future generation” is now on social media. We are given the opportunity to reach out to those kids to start changing their health habits and build a healthier lifestyle.  Using social media will only make that easier.





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