Reflection 3 & 4: Alexia Esposito

15337748109_d82285781f_bTechnology is helping us improve our health by deceives that track important information for us to know. Gary Wolf talks about how people are tracking their food via twitter, tracking their kids diapers on their iPhone, making detailed journals on their spendings, their mood, their symptoms, and their treatments. The technological facts that are driving this change in our lifestyle is outstanding. Wolf talks about the 3D accelerometer. It tracks your movement through space. They are under a dollar piece and they give detailed information from just one sensor. This kind of sensor is included in the fit-bit which tracks your activity and sleep. The Nike plus system gets your pace and distance from just that sensor. The polar wear-link is a strap that gives you detailed sleep tracking data, also in your phase of sleep. The sensor is in the strip of medal in the headband. When wolf shows his audience the sleep tracking system from a few years ago, its incredible how much technology has changed and has become more advanced. The new and improved asthma inhaler includes a GPS transceiver which gives the date and location of an asthma incident, giving you new awareness of your vulnerability in relationship to the time and environmental factors. We know that new tools are changing our sense of self in the world. These devices help us with self improvement, self discovery, self awareness and self knowledge.


In the article “A Health-Tracking App Analyzed My Blood and Told Me I’m 31 Going on 54” it states interesting facts about what the app actually does for one. Biotech company inside tracker recently launched a new service called InnerAge. The app “test your blood for five specific biomarker shown to be correlated with longevity—glucose, vitamin D, CO2 inflammation, liver health, and, testosterone—and tells you your “true” age based on this biological report card, along with how to optimize those biomarkers to “gain life”. InsideTracker pairs your inner age estimate with five key foods you can eat to optimize these biomarkers and “take the years back”. “InsideTracker, staffed with top-notch medical professionals, approaches it with an algorithm that mines the leading scientific literature on longevity and nutrition, and compares that aggregate data against your own.” I personally think that this app could be very useful to individuals from young to old ages. It is important to know at any age where your glucose levels stand because it can be a serious issue, resulting in a shorter life span. Its incredible that just by using an app you can find out important health information that you would normally need to go to the doctors for.

Another article I have found to be very intriguing was “40 mHealh statistics”. This website gives facts about mobile technology and health care. The mobile wave is taking over the world. “As much as we cannot live without our smartphone today, health and fitness is also a vital part of our modern lifestyles. And by integrating these two, the development of mobile health technology is an effective way to increase patient and provider engagement to deliver better healthcare services.” Some interesting facts that I found in this article was “40% of physicians believe mHealth technologies can help reduce the number of visits to doctors offices”. Not only is technology helping us with our very own health care, it is also helping us with finances. Another interesting fact that I found was “75% of all doctor, urgent care & ER visits are either unnecessary or could be handled safely and effectively over the phone or video”. Even doctors are giving the advice to patients that a non urgency matter does not always need to rely on a visit. Simply giving patients advice over the phone or even a video is sometimes all they need. One last fact that I found interesting was 93% of physicians believe that module health apps can improve patients health”. Technology is taking over the medical field and doctors are agreeing with it.

When it comes to losing weight, helping one with recovery and making one get up and moving, video games have taken a strong stance. In the youtube video “Microsoft Health Tech Today: Kinect for Health” it gives new opportunities for health care. Virtual and live coaches may one day take you through your own physical rehab program. Instant feed back will help you correct your morning work out. This one device is effective because it can recognize someones face, respond to your verbal commands, respond to your body motivations, teach you how to dance and it can serve is a teleservice platform. Since the kinect can do all of this, individuals are thinking about all the amazing things that it may do one day with health and medicine, and also with the professions and patients and consumers. Kinect has a low cost and high functionality, this is whats making it so popular. The video game device provides channels that physicians need to access a lot of different information. Its important to the physicians because it lets them be able to access hospital data, images of a patient that they might be working with. Physicians are able to do all sorts of manipulations with the images. Kinect offers individuals your very own personal coach or some version of assistance. The coaches on the device can walk you through different movements to help one learn how to do these things on their own. Technology is allowing the consumer to be the center of the ecosystem.

Mobile phones are having an impact on diverse populations. Mobile phones are reducing health disparities and rural communities for health interventions. “Some of the most recognizable research has focused on text messaging interventions, or short message service (SMS) [9]. This technology has been used to study several health topics like physical activity [10], diabetes self-management [11], and smoking cessation [12].” Since 2007 when Apple introduced the iPhone, followed by Google’s Android, the mobile sales outpaced this for conventional cell phones. It was said that 56% of Americans now own a mobile phone. Third-party apps were created to expand the utility of mobile devices. Apple successfully within just 6 years celebrated its both billionth app download.” Health apps have also become a part of this market with over 31,000 health and medical apps available for download [2]. With mobile phone ownership and the number and complexity of health apps likely to increase, the potential for technology-based health interventions to impact populations is expanding in ways previously not possible.” It is truly amazing how one simple app can change someones behavior if one lets it. The world today is relying on technology to give us the information that we need. Technology will soon take over many individuals jobs. The message that I am getting out of these articles is that gamification and other technological devices are slowly becoming more and more powerful. The idea that one can get everything they needed provided to them through technology satisfies them. This, in turn, can make the world much much fund and functioning as a technological culture.


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