Reflection 3 & 4

In our daily life technology becoming a game changer, in couple years to come technology will take over everything, in healthcare technology becoming more use and  advance, most things know days used in healthcare or hospitals are technologically made which make everything easy and faster, and from one the reading in homework it was explaining about precision medicine this  about technology changing the world, we already have many technology stuff that helps people use to stay healthy, for example, most of the phones in this times there have at least one the fitness apps downloaded in when you buy which  help people to use their on device to maintain their healthy way of leaving, from the reading it talk about precision medicine,  this medicine it is about to change all things about healthcare, this medicine will be stored in human body to help prevent people from any disease, just imagine coming to see you doctor and he already have your record about your health without you explaining to him, and also help the doctor to know what type disease you get and help to prevent it, I think this will be cool and it will help a lot to serve many people lives.shrinking-human-genome-dna1-29-15_precision_medicine


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