Week 3 and 4 Reflections: Dominic Mosconi

Week 3

This weeks articles and videos give insight on how our future with technology and health go hand-in-hand, and will proceed to do so in the future. Various gadgets can hold detailed information like heart rate, activity, caloric intake, sleep information, and countless other informative aspects. Technology a few years ago, when regarding sleep tracking, was big and bulky and required more space for all of the equiptment. Now, they can be found in headband form and can do all of the tasks previously required, in better form.

Social media and health related apps are expanding at a great rate. “There are 2.2 million Android apps and 2 million iOS apps out of which 165,000 apps are in the healthcare category alone (till September 2015)” (Kathooria). Most of these apps are free, which means more people are likely to download them as opposed to if they cost money. Some statistics I found important are that by the year 2020, the mobile health market is said to increase by 33%. Physicians are now using mobile health to improve patients health daily. It was said that over 90% of physicians encourage having some time of mobile health application.


Added pic.jpgWeek 4

The video that I liked the most was the first one from week 4, Microstoft Health Tech Today: Kinect for Health. In the video, they describe various aspects of the kinect and what it can do: facial recognition, verbal commands, body motion, dance, and tele service. Physcial fitness and even physical rehabilitation can be brought about through the Kinect. Fitness activity and fitness level can be assessed through the Kinect by the various activities, sports, and movements! In the area of health and wellness, games are increasingly starting to give more options in health and fitness. Mobile health such as through smart phones and wearable technology are nothing but beneficial to us, and they are increasingly on the rise. The growing popularity of these methods is very important to us as a society and as a culture.


In my opinion, I am eager to see what advances are brought about in the future of health and technology. There seems to be an unlimited area of expansion when it comes to health and technology. The benefits of the health industry ‘teaming up’ with technology will definitely outweigh the costs.








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